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The Scenic Route

March 12th, 2009

Be at peace and know that your path moves forward.  When we make a journey we can choose to take the most direct route to our destination, or the scenic route.  If we choose the direct route, we are also choosing to forego the experiences we might have if we were to take the scenic route.  For our spiritual path it is the journey, and the richness of the experiences it brings us which is important; not reaching our destination quickly.  So for our spiritual journey, the scenic route is the best choice.   Welcome all experiences which you encounter along the way, and the other souls you meet.  They may be welcome travelling companions later in your journey.

How Shall It Be

January 17th, 2009

How shall it be, this life we live
Will it have riches? Will it have Joy?
Will our endeavours bear fruit
Or will they end in nothing but frustration and despair

Will you be the driver, or just a passenger?
Will you choose your own road, or follow those in front?
Would you plan your route or wander the lanes of life?

First know what riches are and what brings you joy
Then you will find you are the driver,
and your journey holds all that you desire.

Lost in the maze of life

September 30th, 2008

I think I’ve found my way out of a maze of busy-ness that I’ve been caught up in for the last few months.  I hadn’t realised that I’d got lost until the pressure of work eased and I had time to look around and look at myself.

Normally I when I’ve been caught up in my work or just been immersed in mundane family activities, I can re-centre myself quite quickly, but not this time.   This time I had to recognise that I was lost so I could find myself again.

I’m not a workaholic – but I am commited to my work which is in a school.  It’s not about making money – its about providing the database infrastructure needed to support the teaching process.  If my work doesn’t get done then the teachers don’t know who they should be teaching when and where and the students don’t know where they should be when.  The busy time started before the Summer break and continued when the new term started.  I’d had nearly 6 weeks leave in the break, and spend lots of time relaxing … but in that time I didn’t manage to re-centre and connect with my spiritual energy again.  Maybe it was because many of the tasks I started before the break couldn’t be finished off until after the break, or maybe it’s simply that I didn’t recognise that I was lost.  (I’ve been told it’s not a good idea to blog about my work, but it’s too big a part of my life to never get a mention.)

I’ve finally caught up with all the work I wanted to get done in the first 2 weeks after the Summer break – only 2 weeks later than I’d planned.  There’s always something new to do, but I’m used to normal ebb and flow of my workload.  So, having caught up, I expected to go back to feeling my normal self.  Normal for me is not having separate mundane and spiritual activities, but feeling connected to my spirit while undertaking mundane activities and feeling connected with my physical existence while meditating or taking part in other spiritual activities.

This morning I returned to that state while meditating.  I realised what was missing, reached into my spirit and found my peace waiting there for me.  It feels like I’ve suddenly found my way out of a maze.

I facilitated a Spiritual Drawing Workshop at Bancroft Spiritualist Church this week….

I normally do my spiritual art on my laptop PC, but that wasn’t practical for a large group to try. Instead, I had everyone work with wax crayons instead. When I first started to draw spirit I worked in shades of grey, as trying to figure out which colour to use got in the way of the drawing itself; so I limited the participants to using a maximum of 2 coloured crayons.

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Getting on our bikes

May 5th, 2008

Our kids can now ride their bikes faster than I can walk – so we decided to get bikes for me and my husband as well this summer. Nothing too expensive – just basic mountain bikes to follow the kids around on when we go out to parks and other places they can ride them.

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Guided Music

April 3rd, 2008

I’ve added a new page to on the main site about playing music with one of my spirit guides

To do this with my guide, I go into a meditative state while I’m holding my guitar and just let myself start to play something.

This is like automatic writing but with a guitar instead of a pen. The control is very light and its easy to get distracted or try to have too much control over the playing – and then it goes wrong.

I record the sound from my guitar via a transducer pickup, connected to my PC’s sound card.  I use Cakewalk software as the recording interface and to edit the recordings.

Click HERE to visit the page where you can listen to the recordings I’ve made so far.

All Around Us

March 30th, 2008

We went to the zoo today and for a change we decided to start at the woodland bird walk. As the trees don’t have their leaves yet, we’d thought we’d stand a good chance of actually seeing some of the birds.

It started well – there was a robin perched on a branch just a short distance from the entrance. But most of the other birds were very elusive.

At one point, my family were far enough ahead of me for me to feel like I was alone in the place. I could hear birds all around me, but I couldn’t distinguish one birds song from another’s, and I couldn’t see any of them. Occasionally I would get glimpses of birds as they flew from tree to tree, but none kept still for long enough for me to get a good look at them or photograph them.

Reflecting on this now, I wonder if how we first experience becoming conscious of spirit is similar. We know they must be around us, but we just can’t get a proper look at them. We might shudder as we sense their energy brushing up against our aura, but still we cannot see them, or hear them. Read more »

Where To Start

March 29th, 2008

There are points in our lives when we realise something is missing – there is a hole in our lives that we need to fill with something. Some will look for a new romantic interest, new material possessions, or something more destructive such as alcolhol. But these things only bring temporary relief from our feeling of being incomplete. They are simply ways of distracting ourselves from what we are really feeling. What people are usually missing is self acceptance. Read more »

Spiritual Awareness

March 29th, 2008

Spiritual awareness is much more than knowing what is right or wrong spiritually. You could learn that from a book, and religions have plenty of those. What makes spirituality, or spiritual awareness different to religion is that spiritual awareness is concerned with cultivating a growing awareness of ones own spiritual energies and spirit. Read more »

Peace begins within oneself?

March 15th, 2008

Over the last few weeks I’ve found myself observing friends, acquaintances and colleagues being drawn into arguments and conflicts with others. Usually it seems that the other person starts it. But, this has started me wondering if we can make a choice not to be drawn in. If we could choose a more peaceful way to react when others provoke us. I’m not in favour of allowing others to “walk all over me” or take advantage of me, but in standing up for myself I feel it is better to do in a way that does not attack the other person either.

On a higher level, if we can all learn to live peacefully – standing firm for ourselves but without attacking others, could that ripple out into world conflicts. Could it be that world peace starts within each of us?

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