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I facilitated a Spiritual Drawing Workshop at Bancroft Spiritualist Church this week….

I normally do my spiritual art on my laptop PC, but that wasn’t practical for a large group to try. Instead, I had everyone work with wax crayons instead. When I first started to draw spirit I worked in shades of grey, as trying to figure out which colour to use got in the way of the drawing itself; so I limited the participants to using a maximum of 2 coloured crayons.

Adrian, who runs the Bancroft church helped me, and we started the evening with a series of meditations with explanations about linking with spirit and “intention” in between them. The aim of the meditations was to help the participants to open their energy field – allowing them to link with their spirit guides for the practical part of the workshop.

After a short interval, during which tables were set out, we moved onto drawing with spirit.

I asked the participants to simply use their crayon in short, shading strokes to begin with until they felt they should make any other kind of mark with it. I was amazed at how many different interpretations people had for these instructions, and how many different ways there are to hold a wax crayon. Everyone doodled on their paper for about 5 minutes and then we had a discussion on what had worked and what if anything anyone had managed to draw.

For the second attempt, I clarified how they should hold the crayon (like a pencil) and reminded everyone to have a specific intention in their minds as they drew. The results this time were amazing. There were clearly faces and representations of spirit coming out in the doodles. Whilst some people found themselves drawing what were clearly faces, others drew an energy field with a space where a person or spirit would be in the middle of it.

The third and last attempt produced even better results. The group had a better understanding of how their intention would affect their results, and they were much more relaxed. In the last session we had drawings that were answers to questions, robed figures and angels amongst the drawings.

The people who struggled the most at this workshop were the ones who can draw. Those who had been adamant they couldn’t draw found they could with spirit guiding their hands.

My thanks to Adrian Denney at Bancroft Spiritualist Church for giving me this opportunity, and for his help in presenting the workshop.

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    Interesting work you made.

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