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Lost in the maze of life

September 30th, 2008

I think I’ve found my way out of a maze of busy-ness that I’ve been caught up in for the last few months.  I hadn’t realised that I’d got lost until the pressure of work eased and I had time to look around and look at myself.

Normally I when I’ve been caught up in my work or just been immersed in mundane family activities, I can re-centre myself quite quickly, but not this time.   This time I had to recognise that I was lost so I could find myself again.

I’m not a workaholic – but I am commited to my work which is in a school.  It’s not about making money – its about providing the database infrastructure needed to support the teaching process.  If my work doesn’t get done then the teachers don’t know who they should be teaching when and where and the students don’t know where they should be when.  The busy time started before the Summer break and continued when the new term started.  I’d had nearly 6 weeks leave in the break, and spend lots of time relaxing … but in that time I didn’t manage to re-centre and connect with my spiritual energy again.  Maybe it was because many of the tasks I started before the break couldn’t be finished off until after the break, or maybe it’s simply that I didn’t recognise that I was lost.  (I’ve been told it’s not a good idea to blog about my work, but it’s too big a part of my life to never get a mention.)

I’ve finally caught up with all the work I wanted to get done in the first 2 weeks after the Summer break – only 2 weeks later than I’d planned.  There’s always something new to do, but I’m used to normal ebb and flow of my workload.  So, having caught up, I expected to go back to feeling my normal self.  Normal for me is not having separate mundane and spiritual activities, but feeling connected to my spirit while undertaking mundane activities and feeling connected with my physical existence while meditating or taking part in other spiritual activities.

This morning I returned to that state while meditating.  I realised what was missing, reached into my spirit and found my peace waiting there for me.  It feels like I’ve suddenly found my way out of a maze.

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  1. Bendz


    Wish U A Happy New Year 2009 😉

    Pschic power

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